Family pay tribute to murdered University of Buckingham lecturer Peter Farquhar

Peter Farquhar
Peter Farquhar

The family of murdered University of Buckingham lecturer Peter Farquhar have paid tribute to their beloved family member, in the week that churchwarden Ben Field was found guilty of killing him.

Oxford Crown Court heard that Ben Field manipulated and deceived his way into Mr Farquhar's life in a documented campaign designed for financial gain.

Peter Farquhar and Ben Field at their betrothal ceremony

Peter Farquhar and Ben Field at their betrothal ceremony

Field then drugged Mr Farquhar at his home in Manor Park, Maids Moreton, leading him to believe that he was losing his mind - before eventually smothering the 69 year-old academic with a pillow.

Prior to the killing Field had manipulated Mr Farquhar so much that he felt the pair were in a relationship, even taking part in a betrothal ceremony.

A jury found him guilty last week.

A statement released on behalf of Mr Farquhar's family read: “We are pleased now that the trial is over, that justice has been served to account for all of the life that Peter has lost.

“Peter was always a very loving and supportive man. He was a wonderful brother and uncle and he is very greatly missed. It was a great pleasure to have had him in our lives.

“Peter was a school teacher and so many things in his life revolved around that, and around Stowe School in particular, where he was head of English.

“When he was teaching he would absolutely enthuse the students. People have been in touch with us since he died about how he completely transformed their understanding of literature.

“He retired, mainly to start writing novels, of which he wrote three, but he missed the common room activity and being part of a school community, so he started to lecture at Buckingham University, and he went on to become such a renowned academic. It was here that he first met Ben Field and Martyn Smith.

“Listening to the trial and hearing Ben Field give his evidence about what he did to Peter has been extremely difficult. His actions have been unbelievably callous, and he has told lie after lie after lie in order to achieve his goals, deceiving everyone he met.

“Ben Field is an arrogant man who has an extremely high opinion of himself. He used my brother as some kind of object to get his ends.

“All the things that were precious to Peter, Ben robbed him of. He did it all just to get some money, which we find absolutely astonishing.

“If people hear this story, we hope that they are very, very careful if somebody unexpected walks into the life of a loved one when that loved one is vulnerable and lonely. There must be other people out there like Ben Field and we would not want anybody to have to go through the things that we have.”

In a separate tribute, Channel Four news journalist Michael Crick, who was a student of Mr Farquhar's at Stowe School, tweeted: "It’s so dreadful to think my dear friend and teacher Peter Farquhar was murdered in such an awful way by a man he loved and trusted so much.

"Ben Field is so intelligent, interesting and erudite, yet also so horribly flawed.

"Spare a thought, too, for Field’s parents who must be in agony."

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