Gawcott woman celebrates the sweet taste of success in national cake baking competition

Lisa Adams winning cake
Lisa Adams winning cake

A woman from Gawcott is celebrating after winning a national cake baking competition.

Lisa Adams, who runs Lisa Adams Cakes, took the top prize in the competition run by the magazine Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft.

Lisa Adams with her cake decorator of the year trophy

Lisa Adams with her cake decorator of the year trophy

Lisa won the competition with her cake ‘vegetable still life.’

She said: “I had never entered a cake competition before.

“I have been making cakes for eight years, and decided to enter a competition for the first time this year.

“I was only aware of the competition a day before it closed so I literally opened the fridge door and saw I had ingredients like peppers and onions in there and set about making them into a cake.

Lisa Adams cake cut open

Lisa Adams cake cut open

“The red pepper is a lemon drizzle cake, the onions are red velvet cake and the other designs are icing balls.”

Lisa won an array of culinary prizes as part of the competition including a multi-cutter, a cake steamer and a baking tin.

She said: “When I sent the entry through to the magazine they wanted confirmation it was actually a cake because they could not believe it!

“As part of the competition I had to send a minimum of 20 photos of different stages of the process.

“I also sent a photo showing the cake cut open.

“I was very apprehensive about entering a competition for the first time because you are putting your work out to be judged.

“When I found out I had won I screamed with delight - it was totally unexpected!

“The next thing I would like to do is enter an international baking competition but because I have so much work on I want to see if my other commitments allow me the time.”