General Election 2019: Reaction from Buckingham's new MP Greg Smith

Buckingham's new MP Greg Smith has been speaking to the Advertiser following an emphatic win in the constituency this morning (Friday).

The result was declared at around 5am with Smith, winning a majority of just over 20,000.

Buckingham's new MP Greg Smith gives his acceptance speech following the election count

Buckingham's new MP Greg Smith gives his acceptance speech following the election count

Mr Smith said: "It is an enormous honour and privilege to have won the trust of the people of Buckingham to represent them in Parliament.

"I pledge to be a relentlessly local MP rolling up my sleeves and getting things done for this area.

"It is a big challenge to stop HS2 but I think I can prove the business case is not there and the environmental damage destruction it brings is unacceptable.

"I think I have already managed to stop the Expressway through my meeting with Grant Shapps.

"Now we need to ensure East West Rail is delivered on time and we get the improvements to our local roads, get the extra police to fight crime and the extra doctors to cut waiting times to see a GP and ensure the economy remains strong to pay for it all.

"It is an enormous honour to win a 20,000 majority in this seat - bigger than John Bercow got standing as a Conservative.

"I don't take anything for granted, I worked hard every day to win those votes and I want to repay that trust by being the most local and accessible MP that it is possible to be.

"Nationally, the Conservatives were going for a majority Government and we got a majority Government. I am delighted the country has gone to the ballot box and got a majority in the House of Commons so we can break the deadlock, get Brexit done and move on to the priorities that people want to see delivered upon.

"I think all the candidates here debated in good humour at the hustings. We may have disagreed with each other on policy but all the hustings were conducted properly.

"I want a packed diary every single week - seeing the parish councils, the neighbourhood watch groups, the charities, the businesses, everyone who runs a community group. I want to visit them and listen to their views and I hope this will help me stay grounded with what the people of Buckingham think."