General election 2019: Reaction from Lib Dem candidate Stephen Dorrell and Labour candidate David Morgan

The Advertiser has been speaking to the Lib Dem and Labour candidates for Buckingham Stephen Dorrell and David Morgan following the general election result for the constituency.

The result was declared just after 5am this morning (Friday) with Greg Smith of the Conservative Party triumphing with 37,500 votes, ahead of Stephen Dorrell (Lib Dem) with 16,624 votes and David Morgan (Labour) with 7,638 votes.

Lib Dem MP Stephen Dorrell makes his speech following the election count

Lib Dem MP Stephen Dorrell makes his speech following the election count

Following the result, Mr Dorrell and Mr Morgan issued a joint statement re-affirming their shared personal commitment to fight for the UK’s continued membership of the European Union.

In a direct challenge to Boris Johnson they said: "Boris Johnson now has to deliver on the over-inflated expectations he has raised.

"He has promised to disengage the UK from its main trading partner, without further damaging living standards for the vast majority of people.

“He seems to have promised voters almost anything and everything they wanted to hear.

"But no amount of wiffle-waffle and bluster changes the reality that leaving the EU will have grave economic, social, and cultural consequences.

“Of course, we accept the result of this election.

"Debate in a democracy never ends - it ebbs and it flows.

"We fear the nation will not be healed in the coming months.

"Our wounds will only bleed deeper, as the realities of Brexit catch up with Boris’ bluffery.

“Brexit will increase business uncertainty, and delay investment decisions, for years.

"It will detract from tackling the climate emergency.

"It will further reduce Britain’s influence in the world, and fuel geopolitical instability.

"It will make Boris’ promises, to defend the NHS and improve public services hollow.

“We will continue to fight to be full members of a community that provides peace, prosperity for the many, and is our best chance to tackle the international and climate challenges humanity faces in the 21st century.”

Speaking to the Advertiser about the result Mr Morgan said: "The turnout has been incredible and it is great that democracy is alive and thriving in the county.

Mr Dorrell said: "76% is quite extraordinary and a vindication of the democratic process.

"I am pleased the Lib Dems voice was established as the largest anti Tory voice in the constituency setting out a programme which is an alternative to the Tories.

"From speaking to people there was resentment at the fact that the conventions meant they had not had a full choice since 2005."

Reflecting on their parties bad nights nationally, Mr Morgan said: "We will be back here in a few years, things will have moved on and the torch will be passed on to the next generation.

Mr Dorrell added: "Jo Swinson (the party leader) losing her seat is bad news for the Lib Dems. It has not been a great night or a great campaign for the party but it does not alter my view that there is an important role in this campaign which has not been fulfilled and that is for a Liberal Conservative social democratic alliance in the centre of British politics."