Great Horwood Scouts learn life skills during weekend camp

1st Great Horwood Scouts learning cookery skills during a summer camp
1st Great Horwood Scouts learning cookery skills during a summer camp

Members of 1st Great Horwood Scout Group learned life skills during a weekend camp at Milton Bryan in Bedfordshire.

At the weekend camp the Scouts learned planning and preparation and then put some other skills into practice.

After planning their own activities, working out a menu and deciding what equipment they would need the Scouts also worked out a routine of when they were going to have their meals and who was going to do the cooking and washing up.

One of the activities they undertook on the Saturday was a hike and they had to plan the route, calculate how long it would take them and what equipment, food and drink they would need.

Adult volunteer Simon Cull said: “This weekend gives them the opportunity to work together as a team.

"They will learn about food hygiene and how to ensure everything they are cooking is ready at the same time.

"They will also find out about how to plan a route for a hike and the time it will take, including breaks and going at the pace of the slowest person.”

One of the Scouts involved in the trip Matthew Lumsdaine said: “We had to decide what we were going to eat for the weekend and the activities we wanted to do.

"We had to make our own sandwiches and carry them, along with drinks and a waterproof on the hike.

"I was in charge of cooking bacon and beans this morning.”

When asked what he liked about Scouting Matthew said: “Trying new activities such as kayaking, having fun and making new friends.”