Here's when and where you can see Santa in Buckingham and surrounding villages in December

Details of when and where you can see Santa in Buckingham and surrounding villages throughout December have been announced.

The Buckingham Table and Rotary Club of Buckingham are jointly running the so-called 'Santa Round' throughout the month.

Last year's Santa's parade in Buckingham

Last year's Santa's parade in Buckingham

Santa will make his first appearance at Buckingham's Christmas light switch-on event on the evening of Saturday November 30 before starting his tour around the area where he can be seen at the following locations throughout December:

> Tuesday 3: Finmere, Westbury and Water Stratford

> Thursday 5: Thornborough and Nash

> Saturday 7: Tingewick

> Sunday 8: Akeley

> Monday 9: Great Horwood

> Tuesday 10: Western Avenue & Chackmore

> Wednesday 11: Meadway, London Road, St Bernadines Close, Chandos Road, Chandos Close

> Thursday 12: Lenborough Road, Mount Pleasant

> Friday 13: Padbury & Adstock

> Saturday 14: Buckingham Christmas parade

> Sunday 15: LIDL and Page Hill estate

> Monday 16: Twickenham Estate, Maids Moreton (as far down as Moreton Drive

> Tuesday 17: Gawcott fields and Gawcott village

> Wednesday 18: Whitehead Way Estate, Beech Close, Woodlands Crescent, Bradfield Avenue, Highlands Road, Moreton Drive, Watchcroft Road

> Thursday 19: Westfields Estate, Foundry Drive, Fishers Field, Nelson Street, School Lane, Bath Lane, Wharfside Place, Addington Road

> Friday 20: Waitrose and Badgers Estate

> Saturday 21: Waitrose and Linden Village

> Sunday 22: Waitrose and Lace Hill Estate

> Monday 23: Tesco

> Tuesday 24: Tesco and Mallard Drive

Proceeds collected by Santa and his helpers from the float will be donated to local charities supported by Buckingham Table and Buckingham Rotary clubs.

To coincide with the launch of details of the Buckingham Santa float the town's new bard Dean Jones has penned the following poem entitled 'Santa’s Buckingham Christmas Float'.


There’s magic brewing in Buckingham

It’s festive and glowing and great

Santa is coming to Buckingham town

And he’s driving through every estate

Each night after November the 30th

In the chimney, at the top, he will be

With the biggest white beard and a bobble to match

Every family in town he will see

He’ll be there for the towns big light switch on

Until Christmas every night thereafter

He’ll drive past your home, like a giant red gnome

And fill it with joy, love and laughter

On the 3rd he’ll be in Finmere and Westfield

Moving next to the village Water Stratford

On Thursday the 5th to Thornborough and Nash

Followed by Tingewick, Akeley & Great Horwood

It’s the music that will get you excited

You will hear him before he arrives

His cottage on wheels, your attention he steels

A gift at the end of our drives

Western Avenue & Chackmore on Tuesday 10th

Wednesday 11th it’s the greatest grand tour

Meadway, London Road, St Bernadines Close

Chandos Road, Chandos Close and more.

‘Last Christmas I gave you my Heart’

Rings out as it drives through the streets

His charity fundraisers always on hand

With a smile for every person they meet

Mount Pleasant and Lenborough Road on the 12th

Padbury and Adstock on Friday 13th

Next day starts at 9 when he’ll wait in a line

Coz its Christmas parade on Saturday 14th

On Sunday it’s Lidl then Page Hill

Then Twickenham Estates, Moreton Drive

The altitude up there might make Santa ill

Let’s hope his mobile cottage survives

This goes on and on throughout the whole town

Until on Christmas Eve it will end

Then without any light, in the still of the night

Down your chimney Santa decends

So you better not pout, you’d better not cry

You’d better not shout I’m telling you why

Coz Santa Clause is driving

Through town....

He sees when you aren’t sleeping

He sees when you’re awake

He sees when you’ve been bad or good

So be good for goodness sake

He’s checking the streets,

he’s checking them twice

He’s driving to you in a cottage with lights

Coz Santa clause is driving through town

Coz Santa Clause is driving through Town

There’s magic brewing in Buckingham

It’s festive and glowing and great

Table and Rotary go the distance

To bring Santa to every estate