Historic woods safe for generations to come

Trustees Mark Cole and Andy Spurr sign the lease
Trustees Mark Cole and Andy Spurr sign the lease

A historic woodland which may be the site of a Roman villa has been handed over to the parish of Thornborough.

The woodlands at Coombs will now be protected for generations to come, after the parish took over control of the site from Bucks County Council.

Thornborough community woods

Thornborough community woods

Thornborough Parish Council will now manage the site for the next 99 years, a process spearheaded by board of trustees Mark Cole, Andy Spurr, Mary Taylor, Ruper Bursell and professional fundraiser Tanya Pepin.

The committee aims to preserve and manage the woodlands and make the most of its historic herritage.

Mr Cole, chairman of the committee, said: “It has been a long journey since we first learned that the county council wanted to rid itself of this community asset.

“People have enjoyed the woodlands for 20 years, and we can now further promote the attraction of this beautiful corner of North Bucks with its huge history.

“The quarry for instance, is where the stone came from for the Thornborough medieval bridge, the oldest in the county dating bcak to the 1300s, and you can see its history at the site.

“We currently have Oxford University investigating a possible Roman villa site there.

“Schools will be encouraged to make visits to help them understand nature, 
history, archeology and geology.”