How you could become the first bard of Buckingham

Library image of the Buckingham Town Council offices
Library image of the Buckingham Town Council offices

Do you have a passion for Buckingham and want to showcase it through stories and songs?

You could be the individual that Buckingham Town Council is looking for to become the first bard of Buckingham.

The town’s first bardic trial is taking place at the Woolpack pub in October with the aim of appointing someone who can perform at town events and promote Buckingham through their creative work.

Buckingham Town Council clerk Paul Hodson said: “Members of the town council’s economic development working group have been visiting other market towns and we noticed that places like Stony Stratford had successful bards.

“We had discussions among ourselves and decided this could work well here in Buckingham.

“We are looking for someone who is good at expressing themselves in writing and who is a good performer.”

Each potential bard will be asked to present one piece relevant to the theme of ‘Buckingham’, which can be up to five minutes long, and will then be invited to present a second piece of their choosing.

Pieces can take any of the following forms - a song, a poem, a rap or a story or any other creative way in which potential bards wish to express themselves.

A deputy bard will be elected to support the bard, who will hold the voluntary role for a minimum of two years.

After the bard is elected, a bardic council will be formed to support the individual holding the position.

The bardic council is likely to consist of local poets, storytellers and supporters.

The bardic trial takes place at the Cote within the Woolpack on Tuesday October 1 from 7pm.

Cllr Mark Cole will chair the event with the town crier supporting him.

The role is open to anyone over 18 and although prospective bards are welcome to just turn up on the night, the council advises people register by emailing

Once selected, the winner of the bardic trial will be asked to read a specially prepared bardic oath which reads:

“Words gather and now my bardic watch begins.

“It shall not end for two years and a day.

“I shall herald the town, raise for bardic causes and keep it family friendly.

“I shall wear no crown, and win no glory.

“I shall live and not languish at my post.

“I am the word in the silence.

“I am the mouth of the masses.

“I am the voice that celebrates the Buckingham.

“I pledge my words and honour to this Bardic Year, for this night and all the nights come.”