HS2 protest groups meet in Wendover in show of solidarity

Two leading campaign groups in the fight against HS2 met up last week to show unity and support for each other's causes.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 4:27 pm
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 4:27 pm

Over the past year The Bucks Herald, which has its own 'HS2 Enough is Enough' campaign, has been following the activities of a protest group based in Steeple Claydon called 'Anti-HS2 SOC (Save Our Countryside)'.

Last week, this paper reported that another group of campaigners from around the country have come together in woods outside of Wendover to set up a permanent resistance camp right directly in the path of the intended route for HS2.

Calling themselves the Wendover Active Resistance (W.A.R), they told us when we visited their site:

The Wendover Active Resistance and Anti-HS2 SOC (Save Our Countryside) around the campfire

“We've come from all across the country but at the request of people from Wendover, and our objective is to hold that piece of land for as long as possible.”

After we reported on the camp in Wendover, Anti-HS2 SOC members Linda Knights, Lindsey Batham and Frank Mahon went along to show solidarity with their fellow protesters.

Speaking to Mr Mahon about the visit, he said:

“We went down there to boost morale and to get them fresh supplies, like fruit and veg and coffee - basically essentials. It shows that one group on the line are supporting others further down the line.”

Anti-HS2 SOC member Frank Mahon

Regarding their activities, he added:

"I'm 100% behind them. I think they're doing a fantastic job. Living outside in the middle of winter is not an ideal situation for anyone. They absolutely have our full support and we will be going back down there to see them in the very near future."

And W.A.R were equally pleased with the support, telling us:

“The Steeple Claydon people were really good. They popped in and we're happy to be working together and helping each other out."

Linda Knights, Frank Mahon and Lindsey Batham outside the HS2 resistance camp in Wendover

As well as organising protest rallies and marching on HS2 headquarters in Birmingham to handover a petition, some Anti-HS2 SOC members have taken direct action themselves recently when they stood in the way of heavy machinery to prevent work going ahead on the outskirts of Steeple Claydon.

The Bucks Herald is also happy to report that our tireless work in holding HS2 to account appears to have been noticed by those opposing the high speed rail link, as Mr Mahon told us regarding W.A.R:

“The Bucks Herald was very well received down there. They said that you're the only ones they'll speak to.”