It’s not nimbyism to oppose HS2 - editor’s column

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It has been reported this week that a six months (at least) freeze has been put on signing off Government cash for HS2.

While it’s worth noting that the information comes from a ‘Government source’ and is in no way the last word on the matter - here at The Herald we found it very heartening that such a move has been even considered by the powers that be.

Here we have been blown away by what is a tidal wave of public opinion on this issue - and with only a few exceptions, you are all completely against the idea.

And that’s not nimbyism. What has struck us is how pragmatic you have all been, and what intelligent and well 
constructive arguments have come forward - which don’t only focus on this area no matter how much the responder is personally and often tragically affected.

You all know that this is an issue that requires a broader view - and even though it cuts through our heartland - you’ve all got to the root of why it’s a bad idea for the whole country too.

Thank you to the nearly 500 people who personally posted the letter back to us - we will deliver those to David Lidington and let you know how we got on next week.