Land purchased for Buckingham's new cemetery and allotments

Savings made during the pandemic have enabled Buckingham Town Council to acquire the land

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 3:40 pm
Location of the new cemetery and allotments

Buckingham Town Council recently decided to immediately buy the land required for the new cemetery and allotments, to be constructed next to Tingewick Road.

The site was included in the town’s Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was agreed with overwhelming support in 2015.

The immediate purchase has been made possible by the savings made while services were reduced during 2020/21.

Location of the new cemetery and allotments

A tender is being issued by the council for design work for the new cemetery, and it is hoped that detailed designs will be available for public consultation later this year.

Outline planning permission for the site was granted in 2020.

Necessary works will include installing the necessary drainage, roadway, parking and building to accommodate the necessary equipment.