Meet Buckingham’s newest barber - who hopes to be a cut above the rest

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Shoppers at Saturday’s market in need of a fresh look are in luck - the town’s newest barbershop will be opening it’s doors.

Mark ‘Scissors’ Green is the eponymous stylist behind the new store, situated on Market Hill, and is welcoming customers to his first solo venture in 22 years of barbering.

The grand opening is scheduled for 8:30am on October 28, and Mark is looking forward to celebrating what will hopefully be a successful start, with friends and family on Saturday night.

He said: “This has always been the goal throughout the time I’ve been barbering: to open my own shop. I came into this line work straight out of school, it was my first job when I was on study leave - I should been revising, but I was shampooing and sweeping floors.”

“I’ve worked in Buckingham for a long time and, in shops I’ve previously worked in, we’ve often had queues going out of the door. People have been generally positive about getting a new barbers and some of the comments I’ve had have been so supportive.”

Alongside fellow barber Saul Robinson, who Mark describes a ‘very good barber and local lad’, the team will also be employing part time stylists to make sure all four chairs are in use as often as possible - and are open to potential hires in the future.

Mark, whose brother is also a barber and runs shops in Milton Keynes, is eager to bring something new to the service.

He added: “We’ll have the Xbox set up with FIFA in the waiting area, and there’s a big chesterfield coming into the middle for seating, It’ll hopefully look really cool.”

The barber, whose nickname of ‘Scissors’ comes from his days as a local DJ, hopes to provide bespoke styling services on top of haircuts, with plans to add shaves and hot towels to the menu.

The building’s interesting history, having been previously attached to singing barber Fred Swift’s premises, made the location an attractive prospect to Mark.

He said: “I saw the property in June but it’s taken until now to agree a lease and get the keys. I just came across it and thought that it would be a stunning building to use.”