Meet your candidates: Conservative Party for Buckingham, Greg Smith

As the December 12 General Election fast approaches, we are taking the opportunity to speak to the candidates for the much talked about Buckingham constituency.

The seat has not been properly contested since 2005 due to the tradition of the main parties not putting up candidates against the Speaker of the House, which has been Buckingham's own John Bercow since 2009.

Greg Smith, Conservative Party candidate for Buckingham

Greg Smith, Conservative Party candidate for Buckingham

Last week, Mr Bercow confirmed he would not be standing again in the upcoming election meaning Buckingham will have a new representative in Parliament for the first time in 22 years.

We spoke to the Conservative Party candidate for Buckingham, Greg Smith, who lives in Wendover with his wife and young son.

Asked why he put himself forward for the Buckingham seat Mr Smith said: "Buckinghamshire is my home and where my family chose to settle.

"Public service is part of mine and my family's life and I am very grateful that I was selected to stand by the association."

Mr Smith, 40, has spent the past 15 years working for himself within the field of marketing, which he said provided him with 'enough to put a roof over my family's head.'

Asked why he swapped marketing in a bid to become the area's MP Mr Smith said: "Politics is in a bad place right now.

"Trust in politicians is at an all-time low and I want to try and change that.

"The House has been behaving itself very poorly in recent times and there are too many people pushing personal agendas.

"I want to be the most local and accessible MP in Parliament - I do not want to be part of the 'Westminster bubble.'

"I am passionately against HS2 and the Expressway.

"If a scheme like HS2 does not work for the constituents of Buckingham it does not work for me - I promise that if I am elected I would not be afraid to go against my party on those issues."

Although Mr Smith said he would be willing to go against his party's stance on a big local issue if his constituents felt differently, he is firmly behind the Conservatives stance on one of the big issues of this election, Brexit.

He said: "It is a national outrage that we haven't left the EU yet - when I speak to people on the doorstep the message is that they want Brexit done and us to get back to our day job.

"So much time in Parliament has been taken up by Brexit and it is the opposition's responsibility that has been the case."

Despite the constituency seat of Buckingham being occupied by the Tories since 1970 (except when John Bercow stood as the Speaker) Mr Smith said he was not going into the election with any expectations.

He said: "I am taking nothing for granted - I have never done anything the easy way in my life.

"This seat has not been properly tested since the 2005 election so I will be as busy as I have ever been in the next six weeks trying to meet as many people as I can across our vast constituency.

"I will be making the case for the Conservatives to get Brexit done, the case against projects like HS2 and the Expressway, and arguing for fair funding for our schools and hospitals, including upgrades at Milton Keynes Hospital which is a valuable resource for many within the Buckingham constituency."

If Mr Smith is elected he will have a busy first few months partly because he is expecting a new addition to the family - his wife Annalise is expecting the couple's second child in January 2020.

Away from politics, Mr Smith is a big fan of Formula One, describing Lewis Hamilton, who claimed his sixth Formula One world drivers title last weekend as 'a British hero.'

The other confirmed candidates for the Buckingham seat are Stephen Dorrell (Liberal Democrats), Andrew Bell (Brexit Party) and Michael Sheppard (Green Party).

Labour are due to announce their candidate for the seat this afternoon (Wednesday).