Meet your candidates: English Democrat for Buckingham, Antonio Vitiello

As the December 12 General Election fast approaches, we are taking the opportunity to speak to the candidates for the much talked about Buckingham constituency.

The seat has not been properly contested since 2005 due to the tradition of the main parties not putting up candidates against the Speaker of the House, which has been Buckingham's own John Bercow since 2009.

Antonio Vitiello, the English Democrat candidate for Buckingham

Antonio Vitiello, the English Democrat candidate for Buckingham

Mr Bercow confirmed he would not be standing again in the upcoming election meaning Buckingham will have a new representative in Parliament for the first time in 22 years.

We spoke to the English Democrat candidate Antonio Vitiello who had hoped to stand for UKIP - however there was nobody within the party to sign his nomination papers in time for the deadline.

On his switch of allegiances he said: "In my assessment 95 per cent of the English Democrats policy is found in UKIP policy.”

Mr Vitiello, 31, who lived in Winslow for more than 20 years, now resides in nearby Leighton Buzzard.

He said: “I am standing because I felt obliged to make sure that Brexit is done properly and also to represent the local residents.

“I am opposed to HS2 and I want to finally see Winslow get its own railway station.

“HS2 is a complete waste of money - it is all because a bureaucrat in Brussels wants a straight line between London and Birmingham.

“The money should be spent on the East West Railway, which would benefit commuters, young people and the disabled.

“It would have much more benefit for the town.”

Mr Vitiello said he was optimistic of success in Buckingham, a seat untested for 14 years due to John Bercow’s position as Speaker of the House of Commons.

He said: “It is a long time since the Tories have had to campaign for a Parliamentary seat in this area and so I am optimistic, especially given what is going on with the establishment in Westminster.”

Mr Vitiello described himself as ‘a traditional Catholic’ and said he believes ‘convenience does not change truth’.

He said: “I believe the point of convenience v truth is a key philosophical point for society to get its head around in this day and age.”

Mr Vitiello’s other beliefs include opposing compulsory sex and LGBT style education in primary schools and the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death.

He also says he believes that ‘climate change is part of an ongoing natural cycle’.

His final message is: “I believe my skills and experience will help me to serve you in Parliament.”