Meet your candidates: Independent for Buckingham, Ned Thompson

As the December 12 General Election fast approaches, we are taking the opportunity to speak to the candidates for the much talked about Buckingham constituency.

The seat has not been properly contested since 2005 due to the tradition of the main parties not putting up candidates against the Speaker of the House, which has been Buckingham's own John Bercow since 2009.

Ned Thompson, the Independent candidate for the Buckingham constituency at the forthcoming general election

Ned Thompson, the Independent candidate for the Buckingham constituency at the forthcoming general election

Mr Bercow confirmed he would not be standing again in the upcoming election meaning Buckingham will have a new representative in Parliament for the first time in 22 years.

We spoke to the independent candidate Ned Thompson, a student in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Buckingham.

Mr Thompson, 19, is from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, but is living in Buckingham in student accommodation while he completes his studies at the university.

Mr Thompson, who describes his politics as ‘centre’ said his interest started during the 2015 election.

He said: “I studied politics at A-Level and when I came to study at the university I realised there was no representation at this election locally by an independent voice.

“I feel I can fully represent people on the issues that matter to them because I do not have to worry about towing a party line.

“I would describe the majority of my politics as ‘centre’ - although economically I would say I am more to the right and socially I would say I am more to the left.”

On the issue of Brexit Mr Thompson said: “I was not old enough to vote at the time of the referendum but if I had been able to vote I would have voted to remain.

“If there is no majority in Government after this election I would support a second referendum.”

On the issue of HS2 Mr Thompson said: “I strongly oppose HS2 because of the environmental damage it will do to this area.

“I also strongly oppose the Expressway and have already pledged my support to the No Expressway campaigners.”

Mr Thompson has unveiled his following four point manifesto:

> Donate half my income to local charities and institutions

> Host weekly surgeries across the Buckingham constituency

> Strongly oppose HS2 and the Expressway

> Increase funding for local councils and services through a reformative agenda

He added he hoped his candidacy would ‘encourage more young people to engage with politics’.

In his spare time, Mr Thompson enjoys spending time with friends and listening to music.