New dean at university's law school as Sandra Clarke retires

Dr Adolfo Paolini takes over

Saturday, 3rd July 2021, 9:00 am
Updated Thursday, 8th July 2021, 12:46 pm

The University of Buckingham’s Law School has a new dean after Sandra Clarke retired on Tuesday.

Dr Adolfo Paolini, who has been a law lecturer at the university for 13 years, is taking over.

Sandra worked for the university as a law lecturer from 1983 to 1992, and returned as dean two years and nine months ago.

Dr Adolfo Paolini

She said: "I'm proud of the Buckingham Law School. The students have many opportunities to develop their knowledge of the legal profession, including the Street Legal initiative where they shadow legal professionals such as solicitors and judges, and the Law Clinic, which involves students working in the community to offer help to local people."

She says the university has "pulled out all the stops" to provide the best student experience possible in the pandemic.

"Changing to offering online lectures was an enormous challenge,” she said. “At first many lecturers found it hard as we are famous for our small group face-to-face teaching. We have had to embrace the new technology."

Adolfo believes that the lessons learnt in the past year have helped the university to develop its offerings and build a stronger pastoral system for students.

Sandra Clarke

He said: "The pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced us to come up with alternative ideas. We are determined to improve nationally and internationally our programmes and going forward we will be offering blended and online courses even after the pandemic.

“We are experiencing a digital transformation underpinned by technological advances, which affect every aspect of our lives.

“Law has not escaped the effects of this new digital era. Law firms expect graduates to have basic understanding of concepts like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber risk and liabilities.

“Law is changing and we are offering new courses and modules to reflect the areas that students now want to study and that employers are looking for when choosing graduates.

"I wish Sandra all the best. I will always be very grateful for all her support."