Overcoming trauma with theatre project

Roz Wylie, writer for Bravo 22 Company
Roz Wylie, writer for Bravo 22 Company

The writer tasked with telling the heartfelt stories of Bucks armed forces veterans for a theatre project says the process is going well.

Roz Wylie, is writing for Bravo 22 Company, and is working with veterans and their families on the project.

Describing their own experiences, the company is the first of its kind and has been credited with helping forces workers and their loved ones overcome traumatic experiences.

The personel will then perfom in the production at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre at the end of next month.

Ms Wylie, who has previously written for Clean Break, a theatre company which works with women at risk of offending, said: “It’s going really well and everything is really progressing, we now have a cast of twelve and are rehearsing four times a week.

“I think the project is important because many of the people involved haven’t felt able to ask for help in the past, there seems to be a great feeling that other people might need it more.

“Also the stigma of saying you are not coping with something.”

And as well as the traumas of war, the production will also focus on the people left behind.

The play with feature the daughter of an RAF reservist and an army wife.

Ms Wylie said: “After a tramatic experience it is often difficult to readjust to family life , by the end of this process I will have spent time with at least 40 people and the finished piece will draw on all those experiences.”

To find out more about the company visit www.british