Parking charges being introduced at Buckingham Community Hospital

Buckingham Community Hospital
Buckingham Community Hospital

Parking charges are being introduced at Buckingham Community Hospital from Monday October 14.

The plans announced by Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust will be coming into effect at Buckingham and three other hospitals across the county as part of efforts to ensure the spaces are being used by genuine patients rather than by commuters or shoppers.

The first hour of parking will be free with patients being charged up to £9 if they park for four hours or more.

In a statement Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust say: "After careful consideration we have decided to introduce parking charges for members of the public at our community hospitals.

"The main reason for this decision is to ensure that genuine patients are able to use the limited parking spaces available rather than commuters or shoppers.

"We have listened to the feedback of local stakeholders and have amended our proposals accordingly to make the first hour free.

"This will allow the majority of our patients, and those of our neighbouring GPs, to complete their appointments without having to pay for parking.

"Free parking will be available for anyone clearly displaying a valid blue badge on the windscreen of their vehicle.

"There will also be concessions for patients attending haematology/oncology day units, renal or cancer care appointments or our community assessment and treatment service with a maximum charge of £3.50 a day."

The following parking charges will apply at Buckingham Community Hospital from October 14:

Zero to one hour No charge

One to two hours £3.50

Two to three hours £5.00

Three to four hours £6.50

Four to 24 hours £9.00

These parking charges will bring Buckingham in line with Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe and Amersham hospitals while the other hospitals the charges are being introduced at are Marlow, Thame and Chalfont & Gerrards Cross.

Users can either pay by cash or by phone.