The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh with the Mayor of Buckingham

Perched on rooftops to glimpse Prince Philip and the Queen in Buckingham

Four royal visits to the area between 1966 and 2007

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 6:42 am
Updated Thursday, 15th April 2021, 7:00 am

As the world pays tribute to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, following his death last week, a look back reveals that the Duke is known to have paid at least four visits to the Buckingham area.

In 1966, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited Buckingham, arriving at the then Buckingham Station, and were received by the mayor, Alderman T Lambourne.

The Advertiser published a special souvenir edition of the visit, which said: "Cheering crowds and children waving flags met the royal couple everywhere they went during their stay in the town, which lasted four minutes longer than the planned half an hour.

"People were perched on rooftops and every available window fronting the Market Square was occupied, and Buckingham proudly displayed its flags and decorations - more plentiful and more varied than anywhere else during the day's tour, which included visits to Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell and Bletchley.

In 1996, the Royal couple visited the University of Buckingham, to open the Business School - the De Rothschild Building. Margaret Thatcher was also present. The opening was extremely well attended, on what turned out to be a very hot day, and the Duke appeared to be in a very good mood, which helped put university staff at their ease.

In 2003, the Duke visited the Bicester & Finmere Show, of which he was a patron since its conception in 1960 until the show ceased in 2014.

The show was started by a group of local businessmen and well-wishers to raise funds for Sally Haynes, a local 17-year-old who had been paralysed in a fall during her first season as a point-to-point rider.

Through the show and with her ties to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Sally’s aim was to introduce sport to disabled people and she was the force behind the English Paraplegic Sports Association, which has now been superseded by the Paralympic Games.

Sally, who is now an MBE, said: "As patron of the Finmere Show, his kind support and understanding for our fundraising efforts over so many years was evident and in 2003 he honoured our event when he was able to attend himself. He was such a keen supporter of our cause and wrote each year to confirm he would continue as patron."

Sally added: "I remember taking him over to the wheelchair fencing demonstration. He seemed to have a good understanding of wheelchair sport."

And in 2007, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited Stowe School to open a new boarding house - named Queen's House.

On a packed visit to Stowe, the Duke met students who were taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme, and a new House cup for participation and achievement in the award was initiated to commemorate his visit.

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