Planning application for new cemetery in Buckingham finally approved by district council - after four and a half year wait

A planning application for a new cemetery and allotments in Buckingham has finally been approved by Aylesbury Vale District Council- almost five years after it was first submitted.

An application for outline planning permission with access to provide allotments, a cemetery, associated buildings, landscaping, new vehicular and pedestrian access, engineering works, infrastructure works, demolition, car parking and lighting on Tingewick Road, Buckingham, was first submitted in April 2015.

Overhead plan of the Tingewick Road, Buckingham development by Hallam Land Management

Overhead plan of the Tingewick Road, Buckingham development by Hallam Land Management

The application, for land south of the A421, was developed by Hallam Land Management and Buckingham Town Council.

We asked Aylesbury Vale District Council as to the reason for the delay and they issued the following statement saying: “This is an application that involved some complexities relating to securing a legal agreement for the transfer of the land to Buckingham Town Council.

“This took an extended period of time to finalise the details, and the planning permission could not be issued until the completion of that agreement.”

Speaking in his capacity as a district councillor Robin Stuchbury said: “In 2014 the town council decided to include a new cemetery within the neighbourhood plan.

“We negotiated with a landowner to identify an area of land where the cemetery and allotments could go.

“The application was first sent to AVDC in 2015 and it has been a real challenge to get the council to move it forward.

“I submitted two written questions and I have been doing all I can to persuade the council to progress it.

“I am pleased that this has finally happened."

The town council told us that they had removed hedges, created more burial plots and installed a path at the current burial ground.

They estimated that the cost of the improvements to the burial ground were around £7,000.

A town council spokesman said: “We are pleased that planning permission has finally been agreed for the new cemetery site.

“If we had got planning permission earlier we may not have needed to add plots to the current burial site.”

The application’s reference is 15/01242/AOP and it can be viewed via the planning portal on the Aylesbury Vale District Council website