PRESIDENT TRUMP: Local reaction - Labour councillor Robin Stuchbury “It was a campaign of division”

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Following the historic and arguably shocking US presidential victory of businessman Donald Trump last night, we asked key players in the local political scene what they think...

Buckingham South Labour Councillor Robin Stuchbury said : “Donald Trump won, but democracy lost. We have to respect the result but we don’t necessarily mean we shouldn’t question it. It was a campaign of division, division being the main theme from both candidates. The divided country voted for an outsider, but he’s a member of the establishment, the financial establishment, a billionaire. People have voted for an anti-establishment figure, but he’s still a capitalist, not a working class man.”

“America is a multicultural country, and that makes them strong. By vilifying these ethnic groups, he sends a horrible message to people in the country that this is now okay. Not good lessons for our children.”

“We’ve got a generation who now see this is an acceptable way to behave. Lets just hope he united the nation, I don’t think his veneer of respectability will last much longer than his acceptance speech to be honest!”