Revised bus services in Buckingham and Winslow areas come into operation

Library image of Aylesbury bus station
Library image of Aylesbury bus station

This week was the first that new buses serving the Buckingham and Winslow areas have been operating.

The changes came about after Arriva announced it would not be able to continue running the Route 60 service from Aylesbury to Buckingham and Maids Moreton.

Red Rose Travel has now taken over the Route 60 service and runs six buses per weekday from Winslow (with three from Buckingham) that serve the villages of Granborough, North Marston, Oving and Whitchurch before going into Aylesbury.

Additionally, five buses run on a Saturday from Winslow to Aylesbury (with four starting in Buckingham) and on Sunday there are four running the same route all starting in Buckingham.

Six buses run in the other direction from Aylesbury to Winslow with three going on to Buckingham.

On Saturday there are five buses from Aylesbury to Winslow with four going on to Buckingham and on Sunday there are four buses running the whole of the route.

Meanwhile, a bus service has also started running between Buckingham and Maids Moreton.

Three buses go from the village to Buckingham (numbers 151 and 18) with two going in the opposite direction.

On Saturday there are four buses from the village into Buckingham with the same number coming back (these are numbers 131 and 132).

For all services between Buckingham and Maids Moreton, in either direction, users can make a connection with the X60 service to enable them to journey into Aylesbury.

All the new times for the services can be found at with changes for the services mentioned above listed under the Route 60 heading.