Solar panels help Buckingham library generate an extra 25 megawatts of energy

Cllr Warren Whyte on the solar-panelled roof of County Hall, Aylesbury
Cllr Warren Whyte on the solar-panelled roof of County Hall, Aylesbury

Solar panels, which were installed at Buckingham Library three years ago, have helped to generate an extra 25 mega watts of power.

Buckingham Library worked alongside a team from Bucks County Council and undertook a refit package of energy efficiency measures which in the three years of operation have had quite an impact.

The rooftop solar panels have generated more than 25 mega watt hours of clean renewable electricity while the building controls and energy efficiency measures have reduced the energy consumption by 19,950 kWh and gas consumption by 13,900 kWh.

Conservative councillor for Buckingham East Warren Whyte said: "I am proud to have promoted the energy conservation measures at Buckingham Library, and three years on the data is great - we have now generated a massive 25 mega watt hours of green electricity from the 9.9kW array of solar PV panels, and reduced the energy consumption of the building by a stonking 33 mega watt hours.

"This not only provides good investment for the council tax payer, it also makes a big contribution to our desire to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the impact of our buildings on our environment.

"This weekend I would encourage residents to think about what simple steps they could take to reduce their energy usage, and also energy cost.

"By making simple changes together, we can all have a positive impact on our environment."