Speedy web? Think again say residents

The Kingsmere housing development,Bicester
The Kingsmere housing development,Bicester

Families are warning home buyers to rethink moving to their soon-to-be garden city, because the broadband speed is ‘unacceptable’.

Internet speeds in Kingsmere, close to Bicester, rarely exceed 2Mbps, and some homes cannot even get a landline.

It has led residents of the 400 homes to slap posters around the development which flag up the problem to prospective buyers.

BT said it proposes sharing the £45,000 cost of providing fibre-optic broadband before the garden city is up and running.

The development at Kingsmere is part of the 13,000 homes planned by the government to turn Bicester into a garden city and provide 21,500 new jobs in the process.

South West Bicester - known as Kingsmere - is set to provide 2,468 new homes.

But Matt Maunder, who lives in Kingsmere, thinks the broadband quality does not fall in line with the futuristic ambitions of the government for the area.

He told the BBC: “I’m a home worker, and I need good broadband to do my job.

“I can’t carry out my job effectively,

“I can’t take advantage of services like Skype – my family live abroad so I can’t get in touch with them as easily as I would like.

“We’ve actually got residents who moved here in August who still don’t have a phone line - that’s just unacceptable.

“Unfortunately we have got people now saying they wish they hadn’t moved here because of the way the service is and that’s a real shame,.

“Particularly, because it’s been lauded as the latest and greatest housing development in the country.”

Earlier this year deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg named Bicester as one of the towns which would receive cash to become a garden city.

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