Stowe schoolboy aiming for the X Games in extreme Freestyle Motorcross

Teenager's appeal to Buckingham landowners for somewhere to practise his sport.

Tuesday, 13th October 2020, 1:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th October 2020, 1:34 pm
Noah Cosby in action

Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is an extreme sport that consists of riders pulling death defying big air jumps on their motocross bikes and pulling various tricks whilst airborne.

It's an incredibly hard sport to get into in the UK but internationally it is a multi-million-dollar industry that is dominated by Americans, Australians and a select few from Europe.

But 16-year-old Stowe School student Noah Cosby has his sights set on becoming the UK's first competitive FMX star to compete on the world stage.

And he's looking for help from a local landowner to help him achieve his dream.

Noah has been riding a dirt bike since he was five years old. Growing up on a small farm near Chesham, Noah would spent his time racing around fields and building jumps.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald, Noah said: "Ever since dad had put me on a dirt bike at the age of four, I had a true admiration for FM. This also may have been because Dad loved watching FMX and had been to the Redbull X fighters in Madrid. Whatever Dad loved must be cool!

"I had never really raced or even ridden at tracks – I loved the freeride aspect of it and just caning my little 50 and 65cc around the fields at home and making homemade jumps. "Skateboarding then got introduced into my life and almost became my religion for as long as I can remember.

"Until I dug out Dad's old KTM 250 EXC and asked to take it back to the farm to ride - and my love for motorbikes was found again instantly.

"After riding for about a year, I started to get bored of just going fast and doing a few whips so I started to take my body off and realised the amazing feeling it gave me."

When he wasn't on his bike he would be on his skateboard and when it was too wet to skate he would practise his other passion, which is art.

In 2017 Noah, who lives in Bierton, was awarded an art scholarship to Stowe School.

Although school had now become a lot more serious, Noah still found time to nurture his passion for jumping his motorbike and just last year he told his parents he wanted a career in FMX.

His parents agreed and promised to support him for as long as he wanted to chase his dream - with the one caveat that he is to complete his A-levels and learn a trade, just in case things don't go to plan. Noah agreed wholeheartedly.

Noah said: "I love the feeling of floating through the air 40ft up, however its also the feeling of the adrenaline running through you before you have even hit the ramp.

"FMX being such a high-risk sport also makes it a high-reward sport too. Riding up to the ramp is nerve racking sometimes but once you have rolled away 75ft ahead it is a feeling unimaginable, and a feeling I cant get enough of."

The sport features death-defying jumps across huge ramps.

It is highly dangerous, but Noah says he enjoyed doing it because of the adrenaline of jumping.

He said: "The first jump of the day is always the toughest but after that it all becomes muscle memory again and I only think about the trick and nothing else. Its super important to block everything out of my head and just think about the one jump I’m riding up to, as a lot can go wrong just in the run-up."

Being a full-time boarder at Stowe was proving to be tricky for Noah, who needed time out to practise his craft.

Thankfully the headteacher, Dr Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, agreed to allow Noah time out from school midweek and at the weekend.

The next thing Noah needs is a place to ride.

His grandparents' farm near Chesham is over an hour from his school, and so Noah is desperately looking for a patch of land closer to Buckingham than his current set-up.

Noah is appealing to any farmers or landowners in Bucks who might possibly have some unused land that he could move his jumps on to, so he can maximise his practice time and minimise his travel time - to give him the best chance at success and hopefully see him becoming the UK's first international FMX star.

Once he has a solid place to practice, Noah can begin to perfect the tricks that will allow him to take the next steps to 'go pro'.

Noah said: "Basically to turn pro, I need to have all the biggest tricks nailed.

"This means years of practice, commitment, mental and physical strength and, very importantly, being able to get back on the bike and try again after a crash, no matter how much it has shaken me up.

"Having the right set-up also contributes hugely to going pro as I need multiple different styles of ramps, such as 8m ramps, 9m ramps, superkickers, etc, and these all need to be built and welded together by myself – and having the space to have all this is very difficult in England.

"Finally, social media is where brands and sponsors that can help me will notice me.

"So getting a large following, and posting my progression means everything."

Looking forward, Noah wants to make a lifelong career from FMX and to compete in the Moto X freestyle event, which is part of X Games - considered the Olympics for extreme sports.

"I want to push the boundaries as far as they will go," added Noah.

Any landowners within reach of Stowe who think they can help Noah with somewhere to practice can contact Noah's parents on 07990 030523