Town ‘ignored’ over hospital downgrade

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital

Buckingham patients are ‘being ignored’ in a review which could result in a significant downgrade of A&E at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Health bosses are currently reviewing services at both Milton Keynes and Bedford hospitals.

A&E care for at least one of the hospitals is expected to be downgraded.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury says that cutting services at either site will have an impact on Buckingham residents, who have not been considered.

After attending a meeting of Milton Keynes Council on Tuesday, Mr Stuchbury said: “They haven’t looked at Buckingham at all and this could affect the validity of the decision.

“They need to account for the extra growth in the Vale, and the huge usage of that A&E by the people of Buckingham.

“I don’t feel that they have researched it all properly.”

The review is being led by Clinical Commissioning Groups for Milton Keynes and Bedford, which oversee health provision in each town.

Plans to cut services have come up against opposition from political leaders in both areas.

If Milton Keynes reduces its A&E provision Buckinghamshire residents will no longer be able to travel to the new city for some urgent care.

And if Bedford Hospital’s A&E department is reduced, more people from the town will receive their care at Milton Keynes, putting more pressure on the service.

Mr Stuchbury added: “After talking to these people for two years,it makes me wonder whether they actually know what they are doing.”