University of Buckingham launches matched funding tuition scheme for new business students

University of Buckingham vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon
University of Buckingham vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon

The University of Buckingham is to offer a matched funding tuition scheme for new business students for the first time later this year.

Twenty students on the 2020/2021 Business Enterprise BBE degree will be eligible with the scheme taking effect from September.

A group of entrepreneurs, including Adam McGill, the founder of school memorabilia business Fizz Group, are funding the additional course fees.

The new scheme was launched following research conducted jointly by the university and YouGov, which found that more than a third of 18-25-year-olds would be concerned about starting their own business in Britain in 2020 because of the potential consequences of Brexit.

Of those who have or are planning to start their own business, this number rises to 54 per cent.

Sir Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said: “As British business faces an uncertain future, it is vital that we support entrepreneurialism, and ensure Britain remains a world leader in enterprise and innovation.

“But to do this we must nurture our next generation to enable young entrepreneurial talent to shine through.

“It is a mistake to teach children to avoid risk.”

Adam McGill, entrepreneur and founder of Fizz Group said: “I got that entrepreneurial instinct when I started my business at 15 years old and still in school.

"When I spoke to my teacher about my ambitions, I was told I was stupid.

“Our education system needs to encourage and support interest in entrepreneurialism among young people.

"While starting a business might be riskier than becoming a doctor, we need to celebrate and encourage a healthy amount of risk that can pay off in dividends for young people, and the country as a whole.

"Despite being told by teachers to pursue the standard academic route, I knew that my decision to become an entrepreneur and support my family was the right one.

“I believe passionately in improving access to entrepreneurialism for all young people and this is why I decided to become a donor to the University of Buckingham matched funding scheme.”