Victory for swim club in price hike wrangle

The Swan Pool in Buckingham
The Swan Pool in Buckingham

A swimming club has hit out at a 45% increase in entry fees at the Swan Pool - leading to a change in policy by the centre.

The Buckingham Swans Swim Club is staffed by a group of volunteer coaches, and has run out of the leisure centre since it opened in 1996.

But since the Maxwell Swim Club also started to use the space and allocated time the Swans say that tensions have risen.

And after the pool started charging £2.10 instead of £1.45 per club swimmer from last week, its chairman Andrew Stiles sought help from district councillor Robin Stuchbury and the Advertiser.

In a letter he said: “When the original contract was put in place between AVDC and the operator of the pool, provision was made so that the operator would be obliged to provide support for our local swim club Buckingham Swans.”

He added: “This price increase clearly signals a change in the intent of the original contractual agreement.

“What our members want to know is how can the council allow this 45% increase in swim costs without any negotiation or consultation with the club?”

This newspaper contacted Everyone Active to ask them why the price had gone up, and hours later they announced that they had decided to only increase the charge by 3%.

A spokesman said: “This price is cheaper than a child or concession swim, the club is very happy.”