Weather Watch: Easterly wind brings chilly conditions

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This past week we’ve seen a lot of dry and settled weather, but also a fair amount of cloud across the eastern half of the UK, which has been inhibiting the development of daytime temperatures.

The easterly wind direction that dominated the entirety of last week has meant that the winds sourcing from over the North Sea picked up moisture and drove in a chilly sea breeze to eastern regions, with extensive cloud cover consequently trapping these cooler air temperatures.

The western half of the UK, however, has told a different story.

In particular, north-west Scotland is generally sheltered by the Highlands from conditions driven in from the east, allowing clearer skies and warmer conditions to take charge.

Temperatures have been regularly climbing into the high teens and low 20s, with Achnagart recording the warmest day of the year in Scotland so far with 21C.

However, this is not unusual for western Scotland in May when an easterly wind dominates, despite the transition from snow to sun within just two weeks.

In contrast, further south, temperatures have at times been around 10C lower than that of Scotland’s.

The forecast across the Aylesbury Vale is remaining dry and fine at first, however, there are indications of it becoming more unsettled by the end of the working week and into the weekend, as a south-westerly flow introduces warmer, moister air.

While this will bring a rise in temperatures, sunshine will tend to be interspersed with frequent showers.