Winslow Wheelers: Membership boom for cycling club after 'fantastic' Buckingham Advertiser article

New leisure club delighted as cohort of new riders joins

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 4:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th May 2021, 6:06 pm
Dave Garlick CBE and David Pegg of Winslow Wheelers

Winslow Wheelers put on its first leisure ride on April 17 to provide the opportunity and confidence for new and existing members to ride in a group at a leisurely pace.

The new members had all seen the ‘fantastic’ article in the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser and joined as a result.

The distance was 15 miles from Winslow with a planned stop at Phoenix Café at Claydon House. The response was fantastic showing there was clearly a demand for this type of ride.

New members of Winslow Wheelers enjoy a coffee and cake stop at the Green Dragon Eco Farm Cafe, East Claydon

Two groups of five cyclists each set off to meet at the café. However, due to the roadworks going on surrounding Claydon House, road blocks were set up before the second group could get there – so one group went back to Winslow and had a nice cuppa in James’ Kitchen in the High Street.

The groups were reunited in Winslow after a break and were very keen to continue for another 10 mile loop round Great Horwood, Mursley, Swanbourne and back to Winslow – making it a 25 mile round trip. Everyone came back with smiley faces.

All four groups –leisure ride, C, B and A – were virtually full last week, which is an amazing result for such a new club. There were 34 cyclists in total, covering between them just over 1,200 miles.

April 23 was a similar success – Stewart Batchelor, ride leader and chairman of the Wheelers, took eight new members on a 25 mile ride through North Marston, Quainton, Botolph Claydon back to Winslow then an extra loop round Great Horwood, Little Horwood and Swanbourne, stopping at the Green Dragon Eco Farm Café.

Henrietta Stanier-Morgan has mastered clip-in pedals

“It’s never too late to take up cycling,” say Dave Garlick CBE, 71, and David Pegg, 72, who have recently joined the Wheelers on their Saturday morning leisure ride. “We have been going out on our E-bikes during the lockdown but have now joined the weekly 25 mile jaunt around the surrounding villages with a coffee and cake stop. We go out with a mixed group of like-minded cyclists”.

Henrietta Stanier-Morgan said: “I’ve always loved bike rides but after children, cycling fell by the wayside.

“The Wheelers are so friendly and welcoming - and I have mastered clip-in pedals!” 07743 974349 after 6pm

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