Petition calls on council to rethink proposed closure of doctors surgeries in Buckingham

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An online petition has been launched today (Wednesday) calling on Bucks County Council to rethink proposals to close doctors surgeries in Buckingham.

The petition claims that 600 handwritten signatures have already been collected from the Buckingham area.

It supports the development of the new health centre at Lace Hill but expresses ‘dismay’ at the proposed closures of existing surgeries in the town.

The petition reads: “We wish to register our dismay at the proposed closure of surgeries in Buckingham town centre, presenting carers and more vulnerable residents with increased problems and costs.

“Buckingham has both a growing and ageing population meaning that demand for healthcare provision is increasing, and we believe that healthcare provision should therefore not decrease.

“Jonathan Pryse (GP at The Swan practice in Buckingham) had previously said at a public meeting that he wouldn’t look to close the town’s surgeries, but recently confirmed that all options are on the table, and that he is “engaging in the ‘One Public Estate’ meetings with Bucks County Council.”

The petition runs until October 18 and can be viewed and/or signed here: