PETITION: We ask the people of Buckingham about the future of their hospital

Buckingham Hospital
Buckingham Hospital

Since May of this year this newspaper has been trying to establish what the Buckingham Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) plans are for the future of Buckingham Hospital.

Concerns were raised when BHT announced at the Health and Social Care meeting on 22 May that a new community care scheme would be launched in the town. Many people felt it had been used as an excuse to close 20 overnight beds in Marlow and Thame.

At the time, campaigner Ozma Hafiz commented: “Questions need to be answered. People deserve to be fully consulted and informed about plans.”

We agree. So we thought we'd ask the people of Buckingham directly if they wanted to retain access to overnight beds at their community hospital.

Please click on the link below to answer the question anonymously.