Plans for temporary use of Brackley’s Old Fire Station are being considered

Brackley's old fire station
Brackley's old fire station

A ‘pop-up’ shop to help local traders is among the ideas 
being considered as a temporary use for Brackley’s Old Fire Station while discussions take place on its long-term future.

Following the purchase of the station by Brackley Town Council in November, a subcommittee has been created to help bring it back to life.

The committee held its first meeting on Friday last week and is working on plans to try to create some ‘meanwhile’ use of the building until work can begin on its conversion to create new facilities for the neighbouring park and the town.

Chairman of the subcomittee, Christopher Blunden said: “Consultants looked at the building before we bought it and it needs unique planning permission, so whatever we do we have to apply for a change of use.

“We’ve discussed the potential of having ‘pop-up’ shops like those used in Wantage with tremendous success.

“They had 23 empty shops in the summer and now they have just nine. This would be good because traders can just pay for the space for a week or two, so occupiers change on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

“This should also help increase footfall to other shops in the town.

“It is really about the short term, because it will take months to come up with a plan, bring in architects, gain planning permission and everything else.

“The building is secure, though a bit damp because it has been empty for nearly three years, but there is nothing structurally wrong with it.

“This is good because we want to get something in place fairly quickly so it is being used. It would be nice to have a cafe and toilets, especially in the summer months, but this will follow in the longer term.”

Plans are set to move forward at the next meeting in January.