Plans take shape for RAF museum

Blenheim bomber crew at RAF Bicester in February 1940
Blenheim bomber crew at RAF Bicester in February 1940

Plans outlining how RAF Bicester’s airfield could become a Second World War heritage centre are being put together, it was announced this week.

Campaign group Bomber Command Heritage (BCH) and Cherwell District Council (CDC), which joined forces in a partnership over RAF Bicester earlier this summer, said a business case would be put together over the next few weeks.

A bid for the airfield could then follow.

BCH has a vision of a ‘living history’ heritage centre, which would immerse visitors in an authentic wartime atmosphere.

Chairman of BCH, Dean Overton, said: “Ours is not just a military history approach but covers all aspects of this complicated subject, including technical developments and social history.

“It is really a civilian story about how nations were mobilised and worked together to defend tolerance and freedom, and the true costs and consequences of such war.”

Councillor Barry Wood, leader of CDC, said: “We are doing this to help protect the valuable heritage at the site and also to provide an opportunity for local people and visitors to share that heritage once the site is restored.”

The site, recognised as one of the country’s most unspoilt pre-1930s airfields, contains nineteen Grade II listed buildings and sixteen scheduled ancient monuments.