‘Please help us bring Alfie home’

Alfie with owner Jason Roos PNL-141014-144600001
Alfie with owner Jason Roos PNL-141014-144600001

A family are desperate for news of their beloved pet pooch.

Jennie and Jason Roos believe their French bulldog, Alfie, could have been stolen, after he disappeared from outside their home in Wicken on October 1.

Alfie, right, with Max and the family cat PNL-141014-154946001

Alfie, right, with Max and the family cat PNL-141014-154946001

Mr and Mrs Roos and their daughters Kyra-Lei, aged 10, and Caelee, six, are devoted to mischievous, 18-month-old Alfie, who entered their lives following the loss of a previous pet.

Builder Mr Roos said: “We’ve searched the area, we’ve searched the woods. He’s disappeared off the face of the Earth.

“You start thinking the worst really. It’s quite heartwrenching.”

The family emigrated to the UK from South Africa in 2011, with their two boxer dogs, Jake and Max, who had to spend six months in quarantine in Coventry.

Sadly, after about six weeks Jake became ill and died, leaving Max to spend the rest of his quarantine alone.

It took the family two years to get over losing Jake, before they could think about getting a new friend for Max.

After carefully researching the breed, Mr Roos went out to get a small, white French bulldog.

He came back with a large brindle with plenty of attitude – Alfie – who quickly took over the house.

Mrs Roos said: “Alfie is so missed, not only by ourselves, but all our friends and their children.

“He would spend many a summer evening bouncing on the trampoline with the children or snuggled up on a friend’s tummy.”

“We are desperate to bring the little man home.”

Mr Roos said: “The kids are very much missing Alfie. He’s part of the family.

“Max, our older boxer, you can see he’s missing Alfie now.

“The reason we got Alfie was to be a friend for Max.

“Max is quite a nervous dog. When Jake, our first dog, died, he went more into his shell. Then when we got Alf, he had a new lease of life.

“He’s probably pining.”

The family have set up a Facebook page and have had an amazing response from people up and down the country searching for Alfie.

Mr Roos said: “We had a little bit of hope last week. We got emailed a picture of a dog we thought was Alfie, but it wasn’t, unfortunately.

“If we knew where he was, even if he was dead somewhere, at least you could close it off.

“If someone has taken him, they must know there’s someone out there that loves that dog and they’re not going to get away with it.”

See www.facebook.com/pages/Alfies-Story/336516253184830