‘Please let us play!’: Children ‘locked out’ of park for six weeks

Fences stop children playing on the Windsor Park equipment
Fences stop children playing on the Windsor Park equipment

Furious families want answers as children continue to be ‘locked out’ of a play area which was fitted with swanky equipment six weeks ago.

Dozens of upset youngsters have walked past new swings and slides in Windsor Park, Buckingham, since August.

The children have been 'locked out' for weeks

The children have been 'locked out' for weeks

But seven-foot high metal gates and ‘keep out’ signs have stopped them from entering the park.

Barratt Homes says it could be November before the park opens because a path needs to be built and a safety inspection needs to be completed.

Diana Dowling, 47, whose sons Ryan, seven, and Duncan, 10, are desperate to use the equipment, said: “People are furious.

“It’s a total disgrace that it now won’t open until winter when it’s too cold and wet to play there.

Windsor Park play area

Windsor Park play area

“There’s nowhere within walking distance for young children and it’s not fair that the kids are losing out.”

David Black, 40, works from home a lot of the time so he can see more of his five-year-old daughter, Elysia.

But without a park to go to, Mr Black and his wife Anke think Elysia and all the children are missing out on making new friends.

Mr Black said: “The children are really upset because we are all new families here and with long working hours, not everyone gets the chance to socialise.

Children cannot enjoy the park

Children cannot enjoy the park

“A park is a social nexus – it’s how kids get to know each other.

“We’ve had this beautiful summer and the children weren’t able to play there.

“The work on the park started in June and we were expecting it to be open 
soon afterwards.

“But the gates went up and they have all been locked out.

“Don’t put a park in front of children if they can’t use it.”

A spokesman for Barratt Homes said : “The footpath to the play area at Windsor Park was only recently agreed.

“Work on this path started on Tuesday of this week and is estimated to take around three weeks to complete.

“The play area should be officially opened shortly after that.”