Police check reveals catalogue of defects

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Four vehicles were immediately impounded when police carried out a road safety check in Buckingham on Tuesday last week.

Two fixed penalty notices of £30 each were given out for contravention of the Buckingham town centre weight restrictions.

The team also found one extremely worn tyre, two lighting defects, three suspension defects, four defective drive shaft coverings, two non-conforming number plates and one problem with a trailer. PCSO John Webb, from Buckingham Police Station, said: “I would like to highlight the risks drivers take when using vehicles that do not conform to the designated vehicle weights.

“Not only does driving an overweight vehicle affect the handling and braking capability of a vehicle, it significantly increases the risk of the driver being involved in any type of traffic collision and also puts other road users at risk.

“Drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the vehicle they are using is road worthy before commencing any journey. This check was conducted to ensure that we keep our region’s roads as safe as possible.”