Police front counter to retain five-day opening

The Old Gaol,Buckingham.
The Old Gaol,Buckingham.

BUCKINGHAM’S neighbourhood police inspector has told the Advertiser she is delighted Buckingham will retain its front counter service at the Old Gaol five days a week, despite plans to rein back the service.

Insp Emma Garside has been up against a review of all front counter opening times which has been going on across the whole Thames Valley Police Force area since last October.

The original proposal for Buckingham was to reduce front counter opening from five days a week to three.

But following consultation across the community and intervention by Insp Garside, it was agreed the Old Gaol would keep its five-day-a-week opening.

Insp Garside said she fought to keep the service because Buckingham is a special case, as its front counter is separate from the police station in Moreton Road.

She said: “ I am delighted that Buckingham will retain its Monday-to-Friday opening hours.

“I put forward a strong argument justifying the need for a five-day-a-week opening based on the uniqueness of Buckingham when compared with other police front counters, and luckily those who made the final decisions agreed.

“Having the front counter open every day during the week will become even more relevant when the main police station relocates from Moreton Road to the Buckingham Industrial Unit at the end of the year.”

But she added that from July there will be a slight reduction in opening hours with the front counter in the Old Gaol open between 10am and 2pm.