Police investigating after string of purse thefts in Buckingham

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Police are investigating a series of purse thefts that happened across Buckingham over the past week.

The Advertiser understands that six cases have been reported to police over the past seven days, including incidents outside Tesco and the post office.

In one of these cases, it is believed that an elderly woman had a purse stolen out of her handbag near Boots yesterday morning (Tuesday).

She was reportedly approached by a young male with a map who came close to her and she thinks that may have been when the theft happened.

The Advertiser has asked the police press office for a comment however they told us they couldn't provide one unless they had more detailed information about the individual incidents.

If you have more details about any of the incidents which have already been reported to the police, please call the newsroom on 01296 619731 or e-mail neil.shefferd@jpress.co.uk.