Police officer narrowly avoids head-on collision after A43 is deliberately blocked

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A police officer was lucky to avoid serious injury when the car he was driving struck metal signs which had been used to deliberately block the A43.

Sgt Danny Ash, who was responding to an emergency call, managed to avoid a head-on collision with three metal highway maintenance signs which had been dragged into the southbound carriageway near to Whitfield.

The three metal signs, three foot by eight foot in height, had been weighed down with sandbags and around 50 traffic cones had also been strewn across both lanes of the dual carriageway.

Sgt Ash was unhurt in the incident at around midnight on Sunday, but his car suspension was damaged and another officer had to be called to respond to the 999 call to a ‘person in distress’.

Brackley Sgt Micki Simons said: “There was potential for there to have been a fatality.

“The officer cleared the carriageway and police arranged for all of the signs and cones to be recovered from the edge of the carriageway to prevent them being placed out again.

“Sgt Ash was not able to carry on to his original incident and this was covered by other officers. Fortunately this incident turned out to be minor in nature.”

Sgt Simons said the officer’s skills as a police driver had meant he was able to avoid a more dangerous collision, but had it been a member of the public who had come across the signs initially the outcome may have been very different.

Police are keen to trace drivers who may have also encountered the signs across the road, in particular one vehicle which also struck the debris but did not stop.

Sgt Simons continued: “There was no reason for anyone to be on foot there so it means someone may have driven past and seen a person messing about with the signs.”

Sgt Simons said the signs had likely come from roadworks along the A43 which had been going on for some time.

She added there had been no other incidents of this nature in all that time.

If you have any information about this incident please contact Sgt Simons on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0500 111 222.