Police reach out to rural communities

Horncastle Police
Horncastle Police

Thames Valley Police will reach out to isolated villages and hamlets in the Bicester area as they launch their new Walk in the Countryside initiative this week.

Officers who usually patrol around towns will now dedicate more time to rural areas in a bid to reach out to residents.

Inspector Neville Clayton, of Bicester Police Station, said: “Cherwell district has around 90 rural communities that are normally patrolled by the neighbourhood policing teams, however due to the demographics of the areas, it is recognised that police visibility in the area can sometimes be limited.

“We really want to be able to provide a consistent service to all sections of our community, including those who live more remotely.”

He said the initiative aims to increase the visibility of the police, who will also be encouraged to take part in local events, give crime prevention advice, and build stronger relationships with members of the community.