Police to focus on affects of alcohol

Northants Police Christmas alcohol abuse campaign poster
Northants Police Christmas alcohol abuse campaign poster

Northants Police is launching a powerful campaign to tackle alcohol-related crime around Christmas and New Year.

The campaign, which will run until January 6, focuses on the hidden effects of parental alcohol abuse on children, the link between alcohol and violent crime and the fact children are present at most domestic abuse incidents.

Ch Insp Dave Spencer said: “We want to grab people’s attention with this campaign.

“With both domestic abuse and alcohol misuse, families can remain silent for a long time and we want to reassure victims who are frightened that help is out there. Too much alcohol can ruin Christmas, whether it means getting into a fight in the town centre or at home where children are often the silent victims.

“We know 30 per cent of children under 16 live with at least one parent who is a binge drinker and in 90 per cent of domestic abuse incidents, children are present.

“This campaign aims to bring these issues to the forefront, to get people thinking and talking about them and to be confident to report concerns or ask for advice.”

Northants Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds is backing the campaign.

He said: “I am committed to reducing violence and ensuring victims of crime are put first. Too often those victims are children, and they should not be made to suffer because of a parent’s alcohol abuse. Raising awareness of the issues and of the help and support available is crucial.”

For more information, visit www.northants.police.uk.