‘Political point-scoring halted proper debate’

Small fire in an incinerator at Barclay's Bank,Buckingham.'110329M-C634
Small fire in an incinerator at Barclay's Bank,Buckingham.'110329M-C634

A BUCKINGHAM district councillor says party political wrangling prevented proper debate taking place over a matter of great importance public safety.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury reacted angrily last week to news that Bucks Fire & Rescue had decided to transfer its 999 emergency control room from Aylesbury to Cambridgeshire.

And on Wednesday night he put a motion to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) that: “this council resolves that the Bucks and Milton Keynes Fire and Rescue Authority be requested formally to undertake an Integrated Risk Management Plan prior to the implementation of this substantial change in service provision, thus providing some reassurance to members and the public within the Vale that such a change will not have any adverse impact on public safety”.

But Mr Stuchbury told the Advertiser councillors were so intent on political point-scoring that they failed to discuss the motion properly.

He said: “I tried to keep politics out of it but unfortunately we seemed to descend into political debate about past and present governments, losing sight of the immediate request.”

AVDC voted not to support the motion.

Cabinet member for community matters Pam Pearce told the Advertiser she would have no objection to writing to the fire service but this would be superfluous as AVDC had already received assurances that the risk assessment would be done. The risk assessment is a regulatory requirement, she added.