Election day in Aylesbury: All you need to know

Election day has arrived and we've been out and about in Aylesbury talking to people and getting a sense of how they feel about a third General Election in under five years.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 5:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 5:07 pm

Of course it's a particularly interesting election for Aylesbury because the seat has been held by former deputy Prime Minister Sir David Lidington of the Conservative Party since 1992.

The candidates this time around are Rob Butler (Conservative), Liz Hind (Labour), Steven Lambert (Liberal Democrat) and Coral Simpson (The Green Party).

We saw a steady flow of people at the polling stations today despite the horrendous weather. Last time out, in June 2017, Aylesbury had a turnout of 71.4%, better than the overall UK figure of 68.8%.

Wendover Community Centre polling station

Aylesbury currently has a total electorate of approximately 82,450 and in 2017 58,743 people cast a vote in the constituency.

This passion for voting in Aylesbury was reflected by some of the comments received when speaking to voters at the polling stations today. A young Asian male in Meadowcroft said to us when asked if voting was important to him:

“100% yes, of course. I'm born and bred in this country, this is my home, so of course any decisions that are made I have to vote on.”

Over in Wendover, a white, middle-aged male answered the same question with the following:

Your votes will be counted at The Gateway in Aylesbury later tonight and into the early hours of Friday morning

“Yeah I do. What was World War Two all about?”

Keep an eye on The Bucks Herald throughout the night and into tomorrow as we will be covering all the action as it happens.

The expected time for the result to be declared in the Aylesbury constituency is 5am.

Haydon Hill polling station