First chance to vote in your chosen councillors for Buckinghamshire Council

Unitary council set to hold its first elections next week

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 12:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th April 2021, 12:32 pm
County Hall, Aylesbury

The first Buckinghamshire Council elections take place on Thursday May 6, giving residents their first chance to vote for their elected councillors, or members.

As the new unitary authority for the whole of Bucks, Buckinghamshire Council is responsible for a whole host of public services, including refuse collection, recycling and waste; planning and building control; planning and development; schools, early years and childcare; adoption and fostering; libraries; parking, roads and transport; children's services; adult services, parks and green spaces; health, wellbeing and sports; environment; culture and tourism.

Across the whole of Bucks there are 49 wards, and three members will be elected per ward, giving a total of 147 members. Each voter can vote for up to three candidates.

The Advertiser region covers four wards. In addition to the Buckingham East and Buckingham West wards, there is Winslow, which has nine candidates standing, and Grendon Underwood, with 11 candidates.

Elected councillors are supposed to represent their community, with a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them, and participate constructively in the good governance of the council area.

For this they receive a basic allowance of £13,000 a year. Cabinet members also receive an additional allowance of £23,000, and there are also allowances for chairing certain committees.

We asked Buckinghamshire Council how much time councillors are expected to devote to their council duties, and a spokesman said: "The time commitment for councillors varies depending on the roles they have, the number of committee positions, the extent of local issues and the needs of their local residents.

"There is no set time allocation and is a decision for individual councillors to make balancing their work commitments, home life and other interests.

"In a recent survey of members which was included in the submission to the Boundary Commission, the average time recorded was between 15 and 20 hours a week."

The list of candidates standing for election in Winslow ward is:

Trish Cawte, Liberal Democrat

John Chilver, Conservative

Mary Hunt, Green Party

Dominic Kinnaird, Heritage Party

Robert Lang, Labour

Llew Monger, Liberal Democrat

Timothy Pain, Labour

Roger Slevin, Liberal Democrat

Beville Stanier, Conservative

The list of candidates standing for election in the Grendon Underwood ward is:

Rachel Ambrose, Independent

Clare Butler, Green Party

David Dilly, Independent

Phil Gibbs, Labour

Ivo Haest, Liberal Democrat

Sarah Jeffreys, Liberal Democrat

Angela Macpherson, Conservative

Frank Mahon, Conservative

Julius Parker, Liberal Democrat

Karen Rakowska, Labour

Michael Rand, Conservative