POLL: Is Buckingham bucking the downhill trend for town centres?

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Buy the Advertiser for just 60p - and let us know your view

LESS than half of British people are proud of their local town centre, according to a new report by price comparison website uSwitch.com

But most people we asked in Buckingham this week said they were proud of the town centre.

Nurse Kate Way, 38, from Stowe, said: “In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in small, individual shops. The only thing that spoils it is lorries and poor parking management.”

Nursing assistant Sarah Blythe, 42, from Buckingham, said: “I think generally local people do still try to shop here. We do need more clothing and shoe shops for younger people though.”

Quality administrator Pearl Lewis, 24, from Buckingham, said: “We’ve got some unique shops here and some great restaurants. It’s a nice community and a nice place for people to visit.”

Enquiries assistant Alex Millns, 20, from Marsh Gibbon, said: “I love Buckingham town centre. It’s a brilliant town. There’s some fantastic architecture.”

Senior care officer Di Allen, 51, from Maids Moreton, said: “We’ve got a good town centre, and we haven’t been taken over by the big chain stores – yet. You can get most things if you know where to look.”

Sales trainer Jeremy Blake, 39, from Maids Moreton, said: “Where the town has got it wrong is it keeps talking about new business. But they need to maximise the spend from existing customers and residents.”