Popular free event now up and running

Parkrun made its debut in Buckingham
Parkrun made its debut in Buckingham

Joggers laced up their trainers for Buckingham’s first ever Parkrun on Saturday.

More than 180 runners took part in the free event as they jogged 5km around Bourton and Heartlands Park with the help of 30 volunteers.

First Parkrun in Buckingham PNL-140519-125519001

First Parkrun in Buckingham PNL-140519-125519001

Parkrun began in 2004 with just 13 participants in Bushy Park, Teddington, but now more than half a million people have taken part at 370 locations which hold regular runs worldwide.

There is even a regular Parkrun at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

Senior community development officer for Aylesbury Vale District Council Andy Inchley, who is a keen runner himself, said Buckingham enjoyed a successful start.

He said: “What’s great about it is everyone is welcome.

“It’s a short enough distance so anyone can do it but it’s long enough to give a bit of a challenge.

“We had children as young as six and then some aged up to 90. We also had a lady who is visually impaired and had a guide with her.

“It’s all very friendly and inclusive.”

Join the Parkrun every Saturday at Bridge Street Skate Park from 9am, having registered online at www.parkrun.org.uk/register