Popularity of car share schemes is on the rise

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A south Northants town councillor is promoting a way of reducing CO2 emission from cars which could also save motorists hundreds of pounds a year.

This month Chris Blunden told fellow members of Brackley Town Council that after his wife Janet started car sharing last month he thought it was something the council should be promoting.

Mr Blunden’s interest comes as the largest national network, www.liftshare.com, reports a 13 per cent jump in the number of new users during the second half 2011 compared to the first half. The total annual miles registered on the liftshare network equate to 71,507 trips around the earth with an estimated CO2 saving of 108,246 tonnes or 60,137 hot-air balloons.

Mr Blunden said “There are a lot of people working in Milton Keynes and Oxford that drive and car sharing might just be a way of saving a decent amount of money. My wife has saved a fortune, she’s only filling up once a fortnight rather than once a week and a full tank costs £50 to £60.

“It saves the environment as well, it means less traffic on the road and less congestion.

“And in weather like this it’s nice to have someone else in the car in case you need help getting out of the snow.”

Jennie Moore, from Brackley, car shares with Jennifer Roberts, from Towcester, during their commute to Corby. Mrs Moore said: “It makes you leave on time, it’s cost effective, and it’s great to have someone to share the pressures of the day with so you are in a better frame of mind when you get home.”

The national network has nearly half a million users many of whom register via local authority run schemes. Northants County Council administer the mytravelshare.org. South of the county boundary Bucks County Council runs the www.buckscarshare.co.uk and has around 1,700 members.