‘Posh’ opera event’s future in doubt after residents complain

Christopher Gilmour outside Winslow Hall
Christopher Gilmour outside Winslow Hall

For the past two summers, Winslow’s shops, restaurants and hotels have benefited from visitors to the town’s new opera festival.

But complaints from neighbours have led to fears for the event’s future.

Winslow Hall Opera is the brainchild of Winslow Hall owner Christopher Gilmour. In 2012 the inaugural production of The Marriage Of Figaro took place in a marquee in the hall’s grounds, followed this year by Carmen.

In an interview in the Daily Mail on Monday, Mr Gilmour said: “There is a chorus of several residents who are moaning about our rehearsals.

“One of the most vehement complainants is a man who said he liked loud noise, but only if it was from a rock concert. He didn’t care for opera, which he said was only for posh folk.”

Mr Gilmour has agreed that in future the rehearsals will take place elsewhere.

But he said: “Sadly, there are still a few people complaining, and with all the aggravation, it makes me wonder whether we should carry on with it.”