Possibility of new halt where two lines cross?

Mothballed  track in the Claydons that will be re-instated as part of the East West Rail link
Mothballed track in the Claydons that will be re-instated as part of the East West Rail link
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A new station in the Calvert/Steeple Claydon area, where the high-speed HS2 railway line crosses the East West Rail line, could be a possibility if HS2 gets the go-ahead.

East West Rail, which has already been approved, will link Oxford to Bedford and Aylesbury to Bletchley, with a new station at Winslow. Construction work is set to begin in 2015 for completion in 2017.

The East West Rail Consortium has always said there was no plan to reopen a station at Steeple Claydon.

But a list of questions and answers that has now appeared on the consortium’s website indicates thinking on the issue could have changed.

The Q&As came out of a meeting of the Winslow and District Local Area Forum at the Winslow Centre in January, when members of the public put questions to Patrick O’Sullivan, of the East West Rail Consortium.

The full list of Q&As has now be posted on the consortium’s wsebsite at www.eastwestrail.org.uk/winslow-and-district-find-out-more-about-east-west-rail/

And one raises the possibility of a station where East West Rail and HS2 cross.

The document says: “We understand that HS2 Ltd is determined that there will not be an intermediate station between London and the West Midlands. However, if HS2 Ltd should receive parliamentary approval, there has been some community interest in a temporary ‘halt’ on the East West Rail route in the Calvert / Steeple Claydon area to provide access for workers during construction of HS2.

“If demand warranted it, it would be possible to make this station permanent, to serve both the HS2 infrastructure maintenance depot and the local community. This would be on the basis that HS2 funded such a station and reached appropriate agreement with Network Rail and the East West Rail Consortium.

“The station could also offer benefits for people travelling from Aylesbury to Oxford as an interchange station potentially offering shorter journey times compared to changing at Winslow or Bletchley.”

A Bucks County Council (BCC) spokesman told the Advertiser: “We are lobbying the government to have a halt to service HS2 and possibly in the future to have a permanent station there if the demand was there to warrant it.”

Anyone with strong views should contact Rosie Brake at BCC on 01296 382796 or rbrake@buckscc.gov.uk